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The Values Of Dollar Financial Corporation

Well-known all over the world for the provision of consumer financial services, DFC has grown from a small start-up company started in 1979, to a multinational conglomerate with operations in major countries all over the world.  The company has been in operation for decades, and has enjoyed tremendous success even in the face of a number of difficult times in the financial industry. The company has surmounted problems in the United Kingdom, where it was penalized for charging its consumers with very high interest rates which they could not repay with relative ease. The success enjoyed by the company cannot be written off to pure chance or luck in the economic spheres where the company has chosen to operate. Among the major causes of its success is the strict adherence to the core values that the company was established with.

The Core Values at DFC

1. Empowerment

Empowerment has long been a core value at DFC helping the company in its operations especially with issues affecting the community or the consumer as an individual. The company in its provision of financial services ensures that opportunities are given out to all the relevant stakeholders who include their consumers.  The company ensures that customers are empowered on an individual basis, such that the outcomes which they so desperately sought with DFC are provided. The employees are empowered in such a way that they are able to relate to one another with ease, enjoy the freedom of working at DFC while ensuring that their dreams, goals and aspirations are attained. The community is also empowered by the company, such that all the activities of the company on the community are positive and impacts on the community in a beneficial manner.

2. Integrity

This is a core value that is lacking in many organizations in the world. DFC has integrated the value of integrity amongst its employees. In this way, it ensures that it is accountable for all its actions wherever their operations are carried out. This is depicted well in the case of Dollar Financial UK where they were ordered to pay back monies to their consumers. The company complied with the orders of the FCA and paid back the money and additionally slashed their interest rates which had been deemed exorbitant. The company is committed to doing the right thing at all times and ensuring that all involved in their operations are given the respect that they deserve.

3. Innovation

As the world goes on there are many changes which are taking place. As a result many companies have to adapt with the changing times to ensure that they survive. DFC has done this through innovation where it has come up with innovative products and services for their consumers. This has enabled the company to adapt to the changing times as the creative ideas keeps the company relevant and ideal in the eyes of the consumer.

4. Grit

This is the last core value that is held in high esteem at DFC. It ensures that the company and its employees are well driven to get the best results possible out of any business situation. It also ensures expectations are exceeded as well as decisions made in a timely manner.

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