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The World’s Largest Financial Service Provider

The Dollar Finance Group is popularly known to be the largest provider of easily accessible consumer financial services. They are known for providing a wide variety of very innovative and financial solutions, accessible for the past 38 years. It uses a technology enabled; web based underwriting and has got approximately 1300 retail location in the different countries of the world.

They have been known for providing the needs of everyday consumers and business owners in a way that is socially responsible. The DFG stands for a vision of building the most socially responsible company, and ensuring they reach the world by becoming a financial institution where everyone is bound to find handy financial solutions.


They also have a mission to be able to empower everyone and bring integrity in everything they do. They provide a financial solution that makes life better. The DFG group makes sure that every person has an opportunity to:

Empower oneself: they are leaders who make sure that they are the best that they can be so that the effect does come out. They also take ownership to improve their roles and interactions.

Empower your team: they ensure that solutions are found to provide opportunities for their customers and even ensure that their financial freedom is improved.

Empower the community: they have taken upon themselves to ensure that the community is lifted up. They serve and act they create a socially responsible impact.

The DFG group was initially Monetary Management Corporation and was founded in the year 1979. Since then, it has ensured a constant provision of accessible and convenient financial services to unbanked and under-banked consumers.

The customers of DFG have increased to over 10 million across the world with an approximation of 1300 retail locations. It is true to say that it is the largest and most diversified providers of non-standard consumer financial products in the entire world. The DFG has continued to grow and expand its existence all over the world, even after the 38 years of its existence and provision of services to its consumers.

It is still in search of new and innovative ways of serving and empowering its consumers worldwide. The DFG can provide for its consumer's financial help at their convenience and without much paper work done, as in the case of applying for loans in the banks. One can access the DFG loans online for example in the UK they are able to use the UK payday loans that give out loans online.

It is also important to the middle-class because they feel cared for when an entire company would dedicate its services exclusively to them and even at the comfort of their homes. This is because they do not have to go and make long queues in the banks. It is also very reliable and convenient; one can access instant loans without going to have to go through a long process and formalities to validate whether you are eligible to take up a loan or not.

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