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The Dollar Financial Corporation US

Based in the United States, DFG is one of the largest financial companies of its time. The company is large not only in terms of its retail locations but also in terms of its asset size. It is an international company with multiple locations around the world, most of which are controlled by the company’s subsidiaries.

Historical Origin

The company has a deep history which traces back to the late 1970’s. The company came into being in the year 1979. It did not exist at the time as the Dollar Financial Group but was known as the Monetary Management Corporation. From the onset the company was founded to provide consumers with financial services as it has continued to do so today. The company changed its name with time, expanding its operations beyond the country of its origin; the United States of America. The company has been in existence for over 31 years and to date it continues to grow in terms of asset base as well as client base. The company now boasts millions of consumers as their clients spread over a diverse geographical area in the world.


Core Values of the Company

Within each and every company, there are ideals or values which should be intrinsic to the company and its employees in order to further the company forward. DFG is guided by a set of four core values which are empowerment, grit, innovation and integrity. These four are the values which are drilled into the employees as well as management from the very first day. They are a focal point of focus for the company as it continues in its provision of financial services to consumers all over the world.

The company aims to come up with new and creative products and services for their customers which improves their experience with the company. Additionally, the company empowers various sectors of the society as well as the community as a whole in various regards. The company ensures that it is accountable for all its actions, and treats all its customers with respect at all times. The company is in favor of diversity and as such caters to all members of society despite the different backgrounds any one of them may have.

The Team

The company is managed by a team of professionals led by the Chief Executive Officer of the company Glen Wakeman. Other individuals in the company include Roger Favano who is the company chief financial officer, Mike Zayer who is the chief risk officer, Jim Odell who is the General Counsel, Alison Perren who is the chief people officer, Phil Newmoyer who is the Global Chief Technology Officer.

Glen Wakeman had extensive experience in the corporate world previously before taking up the leadership mantle at DFG. In this way he has guided the company in its growth and through some of its turbulent times such as when it was ordered to slash its interest rates as well as refund money back to a number of customers in the United Kingdom

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